Wander West Miniature Filly

Wander West Sizzle N Pop

AMHA - A 235339
AMHR - 348204 T
 Color: Black - fewspot
Gender: Filly
Foaling Date: May 10, 2019
Geno Type
 Will be lab tested for
color - E/E - dominant Black
Leopard Complex - LP/LP - homozygous for LP
PATN1 - N/PATN1 - carries 1 copy of PATN1
Agouti - Does not carry the BAY Gene
Date Measured June 14, 2021 - 31 inches

Took me almost a month to realize that this cutie was a filly
and not a colt.
This made me very happy indeed and Sizzle will be
retained for our mare herd.
Perfect match fo Charger!
   Sire: Kakos Crazy Heart
Dam: Running Rebels Summer Breeze
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