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The Ranch is  known as "Spotted Gait Ranch" is nestled in the rolling hills north of Leslieville, Alberta, Canada and here the Dalmatians and Wander West Miniature Appaloosa Horses have lots of room to run and play.

As far back as Bonnie can remember, there has always been a dog in her life, from Terriers, Boxers, Labs, Collies and mixed breeds, but in 1989 her search for a Dalmatian launched us into the world of show dogs. 'Echo' our foundation bitch taught us about the breed and we continue to learn from the legacy she left behind.....

We are firm believers that the dogs are first and foremost our friends and companions so all of our Dalmatians are house dogs having their own couch in the T.V. room. They also have their own bedroom with their own crates. (Blankets included!)

Our puppies are raised in our home, and as they grow older their territory expands to include the whole house including stairs. Once they reach five weeks of age, and weather permitting, they have their own indoor-outdoor kennel during the day, and at night time they find their way back to their home indoors where they join the family until bedtime. The puppies have a crate as a bed, thus beginning their crate training.

All breeding stock is  OFA or PennHIP Evaluation, OFA evaluation based on BAER test, OFA Thyroid evaluation from an approved laboratory, ACVO Eye Exam - Results registered with OFA, vet checked before they are considered for breeding. The puppies produced are vaccinated, microchipped, Baer tested, vet checked and guaranteed for both health and temperament and we offer continue support to all puppy buyers for the life of the puppy.

When it comes to the show ring each dog is owner-handled by either John or Bonnie as it is a hobby we both enjoy.  Dog shows are fun, and we try to keep the fun there whether we win or lose.

We are life members of CKC and The Dalmatian Club of Canada. We also shelter the occasional Rescue Dalmatian, providing vet care, training and stabilizing their mental state before altering and placing each one into loving homes.

We compete in conformation,  and use to dabble in obedience, agility, tracking and pheasant hunting. Most of all the Dals enjoy camping or hunting gophers and mice while playing with their human companions on the ranch.


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