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Because Heart Isn't Measured In Hands

spirit_ left_side.JPG

We are no longer stand our stallions to outside mares




Kakos Crazy Heart

Foaled ~ May 3, 2010

Spirit is a gold mine in the Miniature Appaloosa Horse Industry!

Lab Tested to be
Leopard Complex: LP/LP

Homozgyous PATN 1: PATN1/PATN1

Dominant Black:  E/E

Does not carry the Bay gene:  a/a
30.50" ~ measured August 28, 2013

Colour ~ Black (fewspot) Appaloosa
Sire: Blue Chips Scorpius Masterpiece
Dam: Mardi Gras Order of Pixie Dust
AMHA ~ A 199439
AMHR ~ 304199 T
DNA tested/permanent registered



Northern Star Lakeview Mitchel

Charger is another Gold Mine in the Miniature Appaloosa Horse Industry!

Lab Tested
n/n for Leopard complex
N/N for Pattern 1

E/e - carries one copy of black

a/a - does not carry bay

Foaled ~ April 9, 2016
Colour ~ Black  Appaloosa
Sire: CCMF Chasing The Dream
Dam: Landry Farms Star
AMHA ~ A 226757
AMHR ~ 336596 T

DNA Tested/permanent registered

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