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Spot The Homozgyous Mares


Tailwinds Illusions of Summer
AMHA  ~ A 219924
A Tailwinds Illusions of Summer
AMHR ~ 327581 T
Color: Bay Near Fewspot
Gender: Mare
Foaling Date: May 11, 2014
Measured 21" at foaling.
Measured 32" December 22, 2015
Lab tested, LP/LP; n/PATN1


Lyndells Cherrys Kandi Delight
AMHA - A 223763
Cherrys Kandi Delight At Lyndell
AMHR - 332622T
Color: Chestnut Fewspot
Gender: Mare
Foaling Date: April 28, 2015
Lab tested LP/LP



Wander West Unbridled Passion

AMHA - A 238532
AMHR - 352369T
Color: Fewspot
Gender: Filly
Foaling Date: May 4, 2021
Geno Type
E/E; a/a 
Leopard Complex - LP/LP;
PATN1/PATN1-Homozgyous for PATN1
Sire: Kakos Crazy Heart
Dam: Wander West Jazzy Spotsation


Wander West Full Circle

AMHA - May be hardshipped
AMHR - 357140T
Color: Fewspot
Gender: Filly
Foaling Date: June 7, 2022
Geno Type
E/E - Pending
a/a - Pending
Leopard Complex - LP/LP;
N/PATN1-single copy of PATN1
Sire: Free Rein's Khonsu's Illusive Moon
Dam: Lyndells Ready to Fly

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