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Spot The Colored Mares



Fabaloosa Dun Done That
Imported from Evans, Georgia
AMHA ~ A 139617
AMHR ~ 310953 T
FBR ~ 547
9 Known Appaloosa's out of 23 registered horses behind Megan
Lab tested LP/lp; n/n for PATN1

32.25" Measured Dec 12, 2013
Color:  Bay Appaloosa Roan with small blanket and spots
  Foaling date:  March 24, 2011
Sire: Toyland Taroco ~ 31" (black)
Dam: CN Spirits Lil Spitfire ~ 32" (Leopard Appaloosa)
Megan was born and bred  in Evens, Georgia, USA
and arrived at the ranch on Apirl 17, 2013. 



Wander West License to Sparkle

AMHA - A 236437

AMHR - 349733 T

Color: Chestnut Leopard

Lab Tested PATN1/PATN1

Foaling Date: May 16, 2020


Sire: Northern Star Lakeview Mitchel

Dam: Lyndells Cherrys Kandi Delight

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