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 Lets face it. It's not easy living with a breed that you know can have health issues.
It's even worse for the breeders who breed this wonderful breed.
Breeders are constantly worried about the puppies they place into homes.
Worried that they may some day produce crystals that can lead to stones and many times death.
How we wish the breed had the normal copy of this gene.
We as breeders can educate the buyers on how to manage
the diets of their beloved canine companion
so they reduce the risk of their pet developing crystals and stones,
but sometimes it still happens and when I get the call or email from a buyer
saying their Dal is in surgury to remove the stones my heart breaks for them.

So we decided it was time to do something to help
elimiate the problem for good here in Canada. 
We have introduced and are breeding the LUA Dalmatian in Canada.
Quote by Julie Evans:
'Smart enough to embrace the science, brave enough to swim against the tide.'
To learn more about the project click on the banner below

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