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"The Fine Print"

There will be no surprises for you. It's in black and white!

Completing the application is the first step in the process of acquiring a puppy

from Echo View Dalmatians.

Find the application here.

We reserve the right to refuse the sale to anyone. 

a) Approval and Deposit:

Upon the receipt of the completed Application and 3 reference letters

they will be processed in order they are received. 

If I feel your home is a good fit for a Dal puppy a $250.00 non refundable deposit will insure you are

on the wait list and that the price quoted is then fixed. You will receive a detailed invoice at that time. 

Upon the receipt of your deposit, your application will be placed into the future puppy folder. 

If I feel that a Dal puppy is not the breed for you, I will notify you 

and I will help you in choosing the right breed for your life style. 

Upon confirmation via ultra sound, I will notify everyone that has

placed a deposit on a future puppy about the upcoming puppies. 
If the applicant is not ready then the application is moved to the next planned litter. 

b) Contract:

All puppies, both the show and the pet quality puppies are sold on 

contract and the buyer will be asked to read and sign it. 

c) Registration Papers:

Each puppy will be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club

and when all conditions in the contract are met then the puppy will be signed over to you. 

The puppy will be sold on a Non-breeding contract. 

Show/breeding puppies are sold on a Show/breeding prospect contract. 

d) Spay/Neuter:

The contract states to wait till at least 9-12 months of age, 

but it has been proven that the longer you wait the healthier it is for the Dog

as they require those related  hormones for growth. 

Questions? Let's talk. 

e) Picking your puppy:

 Please read 'So you want to pick your puppy' here. 

f) Home Time:

At the time of whelping we know when the puppies will most likely be 

ready to leave the nest. Please plan accordingly! 

We will not hold puppies for several weeks after 8 weeks. 

It is critical for their social development that the litter leaves within a reasonable time frame. 

Do not expect us to board the puppy and without being fully vaccinated no reputable 

boarding kennel will take the puppy. 

  g) GST applies to all sales.

h) Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

i) A minimum (requested amount) non-refundable deposit.

j) All Dalmatian dogs must be PAID IN FULL before leaving the ranch.

k) A non-refundable deposit will reserve a puppy and if requested,

MAY be transferable to future litter one time only. 

l) You will receive life long support.

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